Szilády Áron Grammar School and Hall of Residence of the Reformed College in Kiskunhalas

Our school is a Reformed church school. It was established in 1664. The present school was built in 1892. It is named after Áron Szilády.

Szilády was a Reformed minister, a philosopher, a translator and member of the Hungarian Academy of Science.

The school building is on the main street of Kiskunhalas. There are many trees in front of it and there is a nice garden with a small greenhouse, the renewed school yard and the gymnasium behind it. The school has two computer rooms, laboratories for the science subjects, a library, a new main hall, a stylish ceremonial hall, a technical studio and a dining hall.

Celebrations and special events brighten the school year. In between the Year Opening and Closing Ceremonies there are numerous programmes, for example the Fresher’s Initiation Party; Researchers’ Night, Young Researchers’ Afternoon, the School-Leavers’ Ball, the School-Leaving Ceremony, Szilády Nights with guest lecturers, Szilády Cup and other  sports competitions and  commemorations of all the important dates in Hungarian history.

The combination of the modern and the old gives a special atmosphere to the school. Every Monday morning all the more than 500 students meet in the Reformed church for a morning chapel.

The combination of the modern and the old gives a special atmosphere to the school. Every Monday morning at 8am all the more than 600 students meet in the Reformed church for a morning chapel. There are 2 RE lessons every week. You can learn about your own religion. There are school services at Christian festivals and once a year we have family service in the church.

The students have a uniform for the year opening and closing ceremonies. For girls it is a longer black skirt and a sailor blouse which has the school crest . For boys it is black trousers or suit and a white shirt with tie which has the school crest too. On weekdays students don’t wear uniform.

Some interesting places of the school:

  • Great Hall - This is the main hall of the school where the students can gather and socialize during the breaks.
  • Science Lab - We have a well-equipped science lab where students can perform experiments.
  • Library - There is a nice place where you can study in peace and quiet named the Thury József Library. Pupils can also relax and spend their free time there.
  • Digital workshop - The school has a computer room, in which students can learn how to program, make 3D art and Lego robots.
  • Canteen - The canteen and dining hall is adjacent to the school, where the majority of the students have lunch.
  • Climbing wall – In the school we have a wide array of opportunities for each student to enjoy the sport of their choice. For example we have wall climbing, football, basketball, floor ball etc. as options.
  • Bubble dome - There are two football pitches; one with artificial grass which is covered with an inflated air dome; named the “Bubble”.
  • Chess - In the school yard we have a gigantic chess board which makes the game a bit more interesting and enjoyable for the students.
  • Singing - This is an iconic part of the old building of the school, and we can also see and hear the school choir.

Cultural diversity in our way of thinking and existing relationships make our school more open, friendlier and more intercultural. There are exchange programmes and foreign students who also get involved in the improvement of our community. The motto of the school says: Sub Pondere Crescit Palma, which means  “The Palm Grows Under Pressure”.


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